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Online writing courses
Achieve at your own pace

Hello. I’m Janice Marriott. I’m here to help you write the stories you want to write. My online writing courses suit busy people who need to fit their writing around other activities in their lives. I provide course material that offers a lot of choice. Each writing course consists of three foundation modules and four you choose to suit yourself.

  At Go Write Now I will help you to:

  • Take your writing skills to a new level
  • Share your stories with others
  • Express your ideas clearly
  • Set free the creativity that is in you

How I Teach

You won’t see a classroom when you join an online writing course of mine. Instead you will experience personalised teaching – when you want it, over the time period you want it, on the topics that interest you. I adapt my teaching to fit your needs.

One-on-one online tutoring and plenty of practice are the best ways to learn to write. I aim to create a precious opportunity for you to practise writing and be supported and encouraged while doing so. Each module has assignments which give you the chance to apply your learning, and all work is assessed and commented on by me, the course creator and tutor.

Progression through the modules is at your own pace.

Through this one–on-one learning I will:

  • Monitor your progress and give you specific feedback
  • Provide you with a framework within which you can experiment and try new things
  • Adapt the pace of the course to your needs and interests
  • Teach you the topics you want to learn

The biggest difficulty for ALL writers is confidence. Writing and sharing with others can seem an exposing activity. I am here to support you, encourage you, and to give you confidence.



All poets need encouragement. This poetry course gives you the confidence, structures and techniques to help you bring your poems out into the light of day and create the best poems you can on the topic and in the style of your choice.

Learn how to begin writing poetry, how to work with ideas, how to extend the range of your work, how to polish what you have written till it shines - and how to share your poems with others.

Download pdf of course content here


If you love to share anecdotes from your life story, or research and write someone else’s story, Go Write Now Memoir will help you select and shape incidents into an unforgettable and engrossing account.

Starting with finding the right story to tell, I cover how to make your writing memorable, how to convey character, and how best to share your memoir with others. You will finish the course knowing exactly how to write memoir and how to produce the account you long to write.

We encourage you to write about any aspect of your life, and include the option of shorter, two-module 'taster courses.'

Endorsement: “I cannot say thank you enough for what you have done. Tears welled up in my eyes at what you had written. I am so very grateful for your assessment and thankful for the experience you bring to this. I feel like I have been so fortunate to have you look at this, Janice.”
Richard Hall, writer of a memoir about hunting.

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Download pdf of course content here

For Children

Delighting and educating a child is a special skill.  Children's books are a fast-growing genre internationally. Modules include picture and chapter books, novels, character development, rhythm and rhyme, educational writing and more.

I can give you the knowledge and encouragement to learn how to write for children. Write the books kids will love to read.

Endorsement: "Janice was a superb tutor: supportive and encouraging, but frank when necessary. She brings with her knowledge, wisdom and that knack of bringing out the best in people."
Emma Vere Jones, winner of the Story lines Joy Cowley Award for unpublished picture book.

"I found Janice's tutoring similar to an old friend - honest, encouraging and to the point. What more could you ask for?"
Melissa Kinealy
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Download pdf of course content

Manuscript Assessments

Do you have a novel, a memoir, a short story, a picture book, anecdotes based on a life's good living? And now you are asking, ‘What do I do next?’

I can read your manuscript closely and write a report for you indicating its strengths and how it could reach its potential. I have been a writer and have worked in publishing for more than 20 years. I can assess all genres of writing and my assessments are thorough. Together, we can polish your story till it shines.

My fees are based on the word length of the script you send. For details about rates and availability, please email

Your Writing Tutor

"Whether writing personal poetry, best-selling memoirs, novels, or children’s stories and plays, Janice has a wide-ranging experience of the publishing industry. She also has a unique ability to tutor others to achieve their goals. A rare breed of award-winning writer and educator, she has helped over 600 students find their voice and write with style. Janice achieves this with compassion and understanding of the writer, and an in-depth knowledge of what works on the page."

Janice’s credentials include: 
  • Prize-winning children’s author, writing in all genres and published internationally
  • Co-author of four popular books of memoir
  • A poetry blog, with poems anthologised in published collections for children, a prize-winner in the Kevin Ireland Poetry competition, a poetry tutor at Massey University, and an in-demand presenter of poetry workshops
  • A Masters degree from the University of California, specialising in reference librarianship

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